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 Piano Teachers List - Find a Teacher for Piano Lessons on Maui

A good piano teacher will help you to feel music and express emotion through your instrument. Their piano lessons should inspire you to play and encourage you to live up to your potential. We would like to help you find a piano teacher who teaches in a way that works best for you. Wouldn't it be great to sit comfortably at the piano and have music flow freely through you? Almost anyone can learn to play music with lessons, time, practice, and guidance from a piano teacher who knows the way.

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First Name Last Name

Contact info

Teacher location Will come to your home? Ages preferred Levels taught Styles taught Years of experience
RuthMurata-EisencontactKahuluinoallallclassical, popular, improvisation35
KathleenHamiltoncontactKula (lower)noallallclassical, popular18
RichardKuykendallcontactPukalanimusic therapist
ColleenWundercontactPukalaninoallallclassical, new age, popular, jazz, blues30
TurnerHortoncontactall of Mauiyesallallpopular, classical, improvisation10
NormaMeiscontactLahainanoallallclassical, popular, jazz, blues, new age, and sacred25
MartiKluthcontactKiheinoallallclassical, pop, jazz, blues, Gospel, reggae, improvisation, chording23
AnneKucontactWailuku Kahuluiyesyoung adult and upallclassical, new age, pop, arrangments25+

Turner Horton

Turner Horton is a music teacher, composer and songwriter. He completed his music degree from Georgia Southern University where he studied Music Composition and Education with Dr. Michael Braz.

Lessons are individualized and designed to help students reach their own specific musical goals. Whether it's learning piano, trumpet, ukulele, music theory, composition, songwriting - Turner will share his love of the art while providing an encouraging musical education experience in the comfort of your home! For details go to the website -

Kathleen Hamilton

Kathleen Hamilton began studying piano at age 8 with Dr. Marguerite Granger, Gray School of Music, San Pedro, CA, and graduated after completing 10 years of intensive study. She attended Los Angeles Harbor College as a Music Major specializing in Classical Piano and also with Dr. Richard Fisk, a graduate of Juilliard School of Music. Her teaching career began in the Piano Dept. of Gray School of Music.

Kathleen has over 15 years teaching experience on Maui and has proved to be very successful at teaching students of all ages and levels. Visit her website at:

Marti Kluth

Marti Kluth is a versatile musician with over 30 years of performing experience, and over 20 years experience as a music teacher. Marti has a bachelor's degree in piano performance and studied at Oberlin Conservatory. She is well versed in classical styles, pop, jazz, blues, Gospel & Broadway, so she can help you play any kind of music.

Marti teaches The Walker West Method, which is unique to her on Maui. The Walker West Method addresses the needs and expectations of a 21st century American culture and learning style. Please see Marti's website at for more info.

Colleen Wunder

Born and raised on Maui! Piano was one of my passions through my growing years. I took lessons for over eight years from Claire Nashiwa who was the most respected teacher on Maui at that time. I've been teaching for over thirty years in Pukalani.

Music is a personal way of expression. I love all ages and have young and adult students. The art of music is in classical music, but there's so much diversity in new age, popular, jazz, blues that I believe exposing children to the variety provides an appreciation for music.

Norma Meis

Norma Meis has been teaching the piano for more than 20 years and had over 30 years of private piano instruction. She also had many years of instruction on the pipe organ and guitar. She has performed for weddings, receptions, private dinners, banquets, and churches.

Norma Meis teaches a variety of musical styles according to the needs and desires of the student and includes sight-reading, fundamentals of music, theory, chords, and improvisation in lessons. In her studio, she has a 7'4" Bosendorfer grand and a 5'9" Stegler grand for her students to enjoy while developing their musical talents.